Boom! Get your head shot with Shuli! This week!


NWC member and professional photographer, Shuli Hallak, will be taking headshots right here at our office this Thursday, May 23rd.

  • Services will be provided to all NWC members at a discounted rate of $75.
  • Friends of NWC members are eligible for the discounted rate if pre-paid by this Tuesday May 21st.
  • After Tuesday, non-member price will be $90.

Be sure to sign up early if you’re interested; only a limited amount of time slots are available!

Very easy to register:  click here!
—Once registered, sign up for a time slot here
Walk-ins are more than welcome based on availability.
What’s included:
  • 2 hi-res photos (in file format of your preference)
  • High quality retouching (remove obvious blemishes, color / tone correction, making the image “pop”, sharpening elements of photo to enhance focus.)**
  • Direction, if needed, on how to pose / relax.  
  • Easy going, fun photographer.
  • Electronic Delivery of final images.
** No manipulation techniques (slimming, brushing, making you look different than you are). 
Below are some examples of recent NWC’ers head shots.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions:


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We’re hiring! Help us have a bigger impact on NYC and the world.

Cross-posted from Tony’s personal blog. Inspiration for this post brought to you by coffee, good friends, and the Code Your Face Off soundtrack on Songza!

See the full job posting here and apply here!

I’ve enjoyed taking a casual approach to building New Work City. It’s just my disposition. After nearly five years of organizing, however, I’m finding myself increasingly ready to take everything we’ve done and set us up for the long term. Today, we’re taking two big steps toward growing up as an organization.

We’re hiring! Hooray for job creation!

When I first got into this back in 2007, I was transfixed by coworking and all of the opportunities it provided to meet some incredible people and learn about a world of folks who were working for themselves in ways I had never been exposed to before. Now, it’s time to find someone who is today perhaps a little like I was back then.

We’re hiring someone to help us run our space. Someone who is friendly, reliable, fastidious, and excited to meet a lot of amazing people.

They’ll help manage the space every day, opening up in the morning and sticking around until the end of the business day every day. They’ll welcome members, give tours, and generally keep things humming along. They’ll help keep the space fully functional and organized by ensuring the space is well supplied and in order.

They’ll also learn how to manage a community and a space, and all of the intangible things that go with that.

Leading by example

Hiring someone and maturing as an organization will help us increase our capacity for generating a larger impact on New York City and the rest of the world.

We’re not planning on opening more spaces, but we do want more communities like ours to exist. To that end, we’ll be documenting our experiences with our new hire and hopefully having them contribute regularly as they learn how to run a coworking community.

We hope to lead by example and inspire others to join us in building communities that help people work for themselves— not just in high growth startups, but in developing sustainable and robust small businesses and consulting practices.

Millions of people will be pursuing independent careers for the first time over the next several years, and communities like ours are a critical part of helping people start and succeed. I sincerely believe this is the only way we are going to solve some of our biggest problems.

Help us find someone awesome

As with pretty much everything else we’ve done, I’m looking to all of you to help me find the awesomest person possible for the job. Pass these links along to whoever you think might be interested, or might know someone who is:

Full outline of job listing here:
Application here:

You can also help us spread the word with handy pre-fab post on TwitterFacebook, and Google+!

If you have ideas as to where I should be posting to get the word out, I’m all ears!

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DIY Holiday Festival - Friday, 12/16!

Once again, the inimitable Leo!

Hello fellow coworkers!

The holidays are approaching, and New Work City wants to share the festivities with you!  True to the spirit of New Workers and to the spirit of the season, our community will be hosting an all-day “DIY Holiday Festival" filled with Do-It-Yourself activities and good times for NWC members and guests of members.

During the day members and guest members will coordinate crafts like cutting up snowflakes, creating mural drawings on the walls, decorating cookies & cupcakes, and making crafty ornament type things. Come in to the space, there’s a sign up sheet n the wall, and join an activity that other folks are doing, and feel free to suggest your own activity - it’s your party, coworkers!!

And when working hours are done, we’ll transition to an open-to-the-public holiday party with great music, traditional karaoke, a photo booth, and mega-buttloads of good cheer!  

The daytime festivities are open to members and guests of members, while anyone can join for the evening festivities. Bring drinks or a few bucks to chip in. 

WHEN: Friday, December 16th, all day long!

WHERE: NWC, 412 Broadway (at Canal)

Grab a Google Calendar link here! 

Owly Images

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NWC December Foursquare Challenge!

The following is a guest post by Leo Newball, a fabulous member and our current Foursquare Mayor.

Being the Foursquare Mayor of New Work City has its privileges! There’s access to the mayor’s bathroom, a personal chef who cooks all of your meals fresh and based to your liking, and the keys to the coworking Tesla Roadster 4 (it’s not even out yet!). Outside of the grand pompus and stature of being the Foursquare Mayor of New Work City, and your own theme song playing when you enter the space, it’s a highly coveted prize.
For the last two months, I’ve had the title of being the New Work City Foursquare Mayor, but now it’s your turn to grab for it! Beginning December 1st, 2011 I will not Foursquare Check-in to New Work City, until January 2nd, 2012. On that date, at 12:12pm, whomever is the current mayor of New Work City on Foursquare will be crowned the winner and enjoy a month of the lavish Foursquare Mayor life, along with winning the following prizes:
  • A formal decree singing your praises in our newsletter and blog
  • Your very own Mayor Hat
  • Sit at the front desk and DJ the music at New Work City for a day
  • Enjoy a fabulous free lunch
  • Pick the upcoming week’s #snackwar combatants
  • Send a tweet and a blog post from New Work City’s accounts
So get your check-ins ready, and begin to duke it out for mayorship supremacy! May the best potential mayor win!
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Printing sucks. Let’s help HP make it suck less.

Just when I was ready to stop seeking new sponsors, HP showed up. Their support will help us make some much-needed improvements to the space and help us clear some of our debt, which will be a huge help in securing us for the long term. It will also give us some oxygen to work on some fun projects I’ve had on the shelf for a while.

When it comes to sponsors, I’m ultra-wary of only working with people who care about our community and our mission. While that means I’m always a little nervous inking a deal with a giant corporation, the folks we’ve been dealing with have been really cool. They dig the idea of helping a community like ours and believe that their products can speak for themselves. 

They also know that when it comes to printing, people rank their perception of the experience somewhere just above a visit to the dentist. They want to work with us to make that better.

Come play with some sweet new gadgets on December 6

We’re producing an event with HP on Tuesday, December 6 at 7:00 where you’ll have a chance to sample some of the new tech and give some of their representatives some feedback. These include:

A printer that scans 3D objects. Does it hook up with a MakerBot so you can effectively photocopy everyday objects? … No. But does it bring us one step closer? Yes! Here’s a video of the 3D scanning in action:

HP TopShot LaserJet Pro M275

A printer that uploads straight to Google Docs, which means for most of the things I’d ever use a scanner for, I don’t even have to think about getting the drivers to work. 

A printer that turns your RSS feeds into a daily morning newspaper. That means every morning I can walk into NWC and have something to read that I can post publicly after I’m done. 

A printer that scans business cards, which is good because I have too many of those.

A printer that you can print to from a mobile device. I honestly have no idea how that is possible, but sweet.

A printer that doesn’t suck. If you’re like me, you make your printer purchasing decisions when the previous one broke and you’re on your way back from a lunch meeting. Everything looks pretty much the same, so you just pick the cheapest one humanly possible and move on with your day. The problem is, a few bucks more could get you a more efficient printer that saves you ink money in the long run. You could also enjoy a printer that’s better built and not loud and slow, which is something I’ve always just assumed is a part of life. 

Getting my hands on a decent printer might make me a bit of a printing snob, but I’m okay with that.

We’ll have all that and more on hand at next Tuesday’s event, along with some giveaways and other fun stuff. If playing with new printer tech gets you even moderately excited, register here and join us next Tuesday!

Thanks HP for helping us out!

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100 Members

I’m writing this post from a cozy East Village cafe called Table 12. With wi-fi, good music, and friendly staff, it’s a great place to sit and write a blog post.

It’s also half a block away from another cafe that closed a few years ago called Gramstand. It was the home base for our budding new community in 2007 and 2008 before we had a space and before we were New Work City. 

In the early days, I would trek out to Avenue A and set up shop in the living room-style basement, not knowing who would show up. Sometimes a bunch of fun people would show up, sometimes very few. It was unpredictable. On one particularly gross winter morning, as blankets of sleet were falling from the sky, I headed out fully expecting to be the only one at the cafe that day. To my surprise, Gramstand was packed with coworkers looking to avoid cabin fever. 

Now, I only find myself alone in the space during brief periods early in the morning and late at night. When you visit New Work City now, you’re all but certain to run into a bunch of really great people. 

A major milestone

Last week, we hit a big milestone: 100 concurrent, subscribed members. That’s a lot of people! After a quiet summer, we saw a huge influx this fall. If you look around New Work City today, you’re certain to see a lot of unfamiliar faces. 

It’s a big turning point for me. Believe it or not, I’ve been in emergency survival mode for a very long time now. For years, dating back to the Gramstand days, I’ve dreamed of us having our own space. Now, after a long journey, we not only have that space, it’s increasingly stabilizing. (Knock on wood.) I can’t quite stop holding my breath, but at least I can start thinking about it. 

That means I have an opportunity to gradually shift my focus from surviving to thriving. That’s a really, really good feeling. 

Setting up for the long haul

100 members means a lot of things. For one, it means we’re at a scale that makes it difficult if not impossible for any one member to know everyone else. It also means there’s a better chance there’s a fellow member you should know that you haven’t met yet. To that end, we’re building an internal member profile directory that will make it really easy for people to connect with fellow members who have shared interests. Sara and Brian have been hard at work making it happen, and the prototypes are already really, really gorgeous, so I’m extra excited about that.

It also means we’re approaching capacity. We’re not there yet, but we’re close enough that we need to start thinking about what it’s like to be full. I’d rather we not have a big waiting list, as being open to all is an important part of who we are. Instead, I see an opportunity for us to find creative ways to tweak how we onboard new members to make our community even stronger and more participatory.

Ultimately, the goal is to get New Work City to be as self-sustaining as possible. Our community has been built, and now it’s time to shore things up and ensure that it’s built to last. 

If you’re a member now, or ever have been, or if you’ve played a role in helping us get to where we are today, thank you. I can’t wait to see all the great things we build together from here. 


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For the past two months, Leo has been championing #snackwar, ensuring no one at NWC goes without sugar.
For Halloween this Monday, Snackwar is going all out.
NWC. Be here. Come in a costume, or at the very least wear whatever you&#8217;d wear if you didn&#8217;t care what other people would think. Open to members and anyone who picks up a day pass for the day.
This is going to be awesome.

For the past two months, Leo has been championing #snackwar, ensuring no one at NWC goes without sugar.

For Halloween this Monday, Snackwar is going all out.

NWC. Be here. Come in a costume, or at the very least wear whatever you’d wear if you didn’t care what other people would think. Open to members and anyone who picks up a day pass for the day.

This is going to be awesome.


More than a workspace, when I see Maryann walk away

New Work City has always been more than just a place to work, but “New Develop Your Independent Career Alongside Like-Minded People City” just didn’t have the same kind of punch. 

Nevertheless, it is our mission to make it easier for people to work for themselves, and having a place to gather and work is only one part of that equation. 

We also need guidance. Structure. Education. Support. Friends. These are all things New Work City is in a position to provide. To that end, I want to start talking to everyone about how we, together, can help one another. I’ll be scheduling a Meetup to discuss these things (coming soon!), but in the meantime, we are rolling out lots of new and improved things. Where to begin?

OK, first: Make it easier to be a member of NWC. Even if you don’t need to cowork.

I can’t tell you how many people I refer to as “honorary” NWC members. People who come to events, plan events, stop by all the time, do awesome things, people who used to be members, who are in every way a member of the NWC community— except that they don’t actually cowork with us. 

It’s high time we fixed that. To that end, we’re launching a new membership, called the Community Membership, for people who want to support and be a part of NWC’s community but don’t necessarily need coworking. 

Community members get in on our internal discussion groups, discounts on our classes and events, member rates on day passes, and free access to our newly resurrected after hours coworking program on Tuesdays. 

You can learn more about membership and sign up here.

Next, get someone in here who can build an educational program. Enter Nate.

Nate Cooper is the kind of guy you wouldn’t be surprised to hear spent some time working at Apple. It’s that personality recipe that combines intelligence and professionalism with a friendly and accessible attitude that makes you want to buy lots of shiny products. Nate’s got that and more. 

Nate left Apple at the beginning of this year to pursue education and consulting on his own, with his firm Pedestrian Consulting and his class, Website Bootcamp for Creative Professionals. Our mutual friend, Matt Bergman, introduced us, and we quickly hit it off. (Thanks Matt!)

Nate is our new Educational Director, and is absolutely on fire. What did he do already, for example?

Book the space solid with useful events led by awesome community members, every day. 

This October, for the first time, NWC is fully booked every evening Monday through Thursday. Everything is geared toward helping people start and run their businesses in healthy and sustainable ways. Some are focused on the administrative side of things, some are focused on developing important skills.

WordPress, for example, is a hugely valuable tool for many independents. For non-technical people who want to use the internet to do their thing, just a little bit of training and investment in something like WordPress could go a really long way toward empowering them to run their businesses. So let’s offer that in the form of a one-time bootcamp and an affordable four-class course for the people who want to dive deeper.

Let’s also give our existing members a way to offer up their expertise. Cameron, our accountant, should be sharing his insane knowledge of incorporation and taxes, and now he is

These are simple and actionable things we can do right now to help people, using our space and our community. If you want to teach something that helps our mission, let us know!

This is a start. We can go further.

We can, for example, make productive use of our relationships with other organizations to offer up things that just don’t exist anywhere else. 

Resurrect after hours coworking? Done. Email us at for details. More cool shit on the walls? How about an interactive subway map from our friend Bobby Genalo at ITP? Awesome. Let’s figure out how to do more of that.

Show and tells? Brainstorming sessions? Beefing up the internal connections between members? All on the table.

This place is ours. We answer to no one but ourselves and each other. Let’s use it to help ourselves and each other. 


If you had a big space and an awesome community and could do anything you wanted with it to help people work for themselves, what would you do?

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Introducing the NWC Royale Membership

Shortly after opening New Work City, we premiered a new membership model that emphasizes participation in the community over simply how many days you come in. 

The price points— Citizen for $300/month and Day Tripper for $100/month, fit well into the budgets of most of our prospective members.

For a small but important handful of people, however, there is a need for something more. While NWC provides all the basic amenities you need to run your independent life, some of our members are ludicrously successful- and their needs and demands go far beyond those of the average coworker.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that, as of today, you can sign up for NWC’s Royale Membership. With this membership, no expense is spared, and no amenity is too extravagant. You will be treated like not just the wildly successful entrepreneur you are, but like sheer royalty.

You can more fully appreciate the difference a Royale Membership makes by looking at the membership feature comparison chart:

To say the least, the feature set for Royale Membership is compelling. 

These fabulous membership features, however, don’t come without a hefty price tag.

So hefty, in fact, that we dare not publish it. If you’re interested in signing up for Royale Membership, email us at 

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NWC Members from TouchGraph Visualize Who Met Who at SXSW

NWC Members Alex Shapiro and Zach Parness run TouchGraph, which does amazing visualizations of social networking data. 

They just released a new visualization, using publicly visible data, on who met who using Hashable at SXSW. 

It’s pretty damn awesome. Check out his post here:

And go right to the awesome visualization engine thingy here:

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