More than a workspace, when I see Maryann walk away

New Work City has always been more than just a place to work, but “New Develop Your Independent Career Alongside Like-Minded People City” just didn’t have the same kind of punch. 

Nevertheless, it is our mission to make it easier for people to work for themselves, and having a place to gather and work is only one part of that equation. 

We also need guidance. Structure. Education. Support. Friends. These are all things New Work City is in a position to provide. To that end, I want to start talking to everyone about how we, together, can help one another. I’ll be scheduling a Meetup to discuss these things (coming soon!), but in the meantime, we are rolling out lots of new and improved things. Where to begin?

OK, first: Make it easier to be a member of NWC. Even if you don’t need to cowork.

I can’t tell you how many people I refer to as “honorary” NWC members. People who come to events, plan events, stop by all the time, do awesome things, people who used to be members, who are in every way a member of the NWC community— except that they don’t actually cowork with us. 

It’s high time we fixed that. To that end, we’re launching a new membership, called the Community Membership, for people who want to support and be a part of NWC’s community but don’t necessarily need coworking. 

Community members get in on our internal discussion groups, discounts on our classes and events, member rates on day passes, and free access to our newly resurrected after hours coworking program on Tuesdays. 

You can learn more about membership and sign up here.

Next, get someone in here who can build an educational program. Enter Nate.

Nate Cooper is the kind of guy you wouldn’t be surprised to hear spent some time working at Apple. It’s that personality recipe that combines intelligence and professionalism with a friendly and accessible attitude that makes you want to buy lots of shiny products. Nate’s got that and more. 

Nate left Apple at the beginning of this year to pursue education and consulting on his own, with his firm Pedestrian Consulting and his class, Website Bootcamp for Creative Professionals. Our mutual friend, Matt Bergman, introduced us, and we quickly hit it off. (Thanks Matt!)

Nate is our new Educational Director, and is absolutely on fire. What did he do already, for example?

Book the space solid with useful events led by awesome community members, every day. 

This October, for the first time, NWC is fully booked every evening Monday through Thursday. Everything is geared toward helping people start and run their businesses in healthy and sustainable ways. Some are focused on the administrative side of things, some are focused on developing important skills.

WordPress, for example, is a hugely valuable tool for many independents. For non-technical people who want to use the internet to do their thing, just a little bit of training and investment in something like WordPress could go a really long way toward empowering them to run their businesses. So let’s offer that in the form of a one-time bootcamp and an affordable four-class course for the people who want to dive deeper.

Let’s also give our existing members a way to offer up their expertise. Cameron, our accountant, should be sharing his insane knowledge of incorporation and taxes, and now he is

These are simple and actionable things we can do right now to help people, using our space and our community. If you want to teach something that helps our mission, let us know!

This is a start. We can go further.

We can, for example, make productive use of our relationships with other organizations to offer up things that just don’t exist anywhere else. 

Resurrect after hours coworking? Done. Email us at for details. More cool shit on the walls? How about an interactive subway map from our friend Bobby Genalo at ITP? Awesome. Let’s figure out how to do more of that.

Show and tells? Brainstorming sessions? Beefing up the internal connections between members? All on the table.

This place is ours. We answer to no one but ourselves and each other. Let’s use it to help ourselves and each other. 


If you had a big space and an awesome community and could do anything you wanted with it to help people work for themselves, what would you do?

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