Organizers: Apply for NWC’s New Events Program!

Events have always been an important part of NWC. From the beginning, I wanted NWC to be a place where event organizers could easily gather their members in a low-cost, flexible environment. 

Now that we’re turning NWC into something that’s self-sustaining, it’s time to create some structure around our events programming.

That structure should reinforce and augment NWC’s goals in its own way. 

New Programming Series

We’re building a new programming series, designed to provide an ecosystem for entrepreneurs, freelancers and independent workers to build, learn, and share together.

Events are pre-arranged in advance, supported by sponsors, and curated. Organizers apply to participate, and accepted events get free use of the space. 

This allows organizers to run their events without having to worry about money or paying for space, while still allowing NWC to run a sustainable operation, funded by sponsors.

The program would start with about 12 events per month, organized into the following categories:

  • "Build" - Hackathon / Workalong
  • "Learn" - Workshop / Class
  • "Share" - Discussion / Speaker Series

The calendar will be updated quarterly, with events rotating in and out based on how well they reinforce our mission. 

Sponsorship & Partnership

To make the programming even more powerful, we’ll work with organizations whose goals and interests are aligned with ours. Sponsors’ contributions to our community will extend beyond cash, as each one will be an active participant in the program.

In addition to program sponsors, we’ll be lining up one or two partners who will help us build out the capabilities we’ll need to properly run the program— event-friendly seating and tables, a better A/V system, and more. Let me know if you or someone you know would be interested.

Apply to Participate

If you’re an event organizer and are interested in participating, we’ve prepared a form for you to fill out below:

Interested Organizers Apply Here!

This is a brand new effort, so we expect to be evolving it quite a bit over the course of the next several weeks and months. Stay tuned for more, and leave questions or comments below!

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