Wanted: One Team of Brilliant World-Changers.

NWC has always been first and foremost about addressing the needs of a growing group of people who, despite being able to work anywhere, didn’t have anywhere that was designed to fit their needs.

The Venn Diagram of our membership overlaps heavily, but not completely, with the circles of startups and of people developing new technology. This balance has allowed for a healthy mix of people within the same fields sharing expertise, as well as people from diverse backgrounds helping each other fill in blanks on projects.

Most of our members have been individuals and small teams. Our primary workspace is an open environment, which allows for more interaction throughout the day and increases the chances of serendipitous collisions

A Special Spot for A Special Team

For our new space, we allocated one private room that could be used exclusively by a team of 3 to 4 people. 

This team would occupy one end of our membership spectrum, representing the subset of the members of our community who are building growth startups and require dedicated space.

The ideal team wouldn’t just be in need of an office space; there are plenty of places in the city to go for that. On top of the space, they’d be looking to take advantage of working in the same space as a bustling community of independent workers— people who could provide expertise, diverse perspectives, contract help, or even get hired as new employees or partners. 

Unlike our standard memberships, we’re exerting some control over who gets to use this space— because we only get to have one, and their chemistry with the rest of the community is critically important. The ideal team is one that makes the community better by being a part of it.


We originally allocated the space with one team in mind - Perpetually. Darrell Silver, a longtime member, friend and advisor who was the first person to help us finance our new space, is the founder of Perpetually, whose core team is composed of former NWC members Darrell met while working in our original space.

Perpetually’s team and their needs outgrew our space before we could even open our doors. They’re kicking ass. 

Our most recent resident, LooseCubes, has followed a similar path. Hiring several NWC members to head up the engineering of their new site, LooseCubes was in a matter of months doubling and tripling their staff size and leasing a big beautiful space of their own in Dumbo.

Your Turn

Now, our space is available starting March 1st. If you have a promising young startup and think your team would benefit from housing yourselves at NWC, let us know now. We’ll be happy to show you around and get your thoughts.

About the Space

The room comfortably houses up to 4 people with room leftover for some basic storage or peripherals. High ceilings and an 8 foot tall window make for a spacious feel. The cost of the space includes full-time memberships with special privileges, including 24/7 access and keys to both NWC and the office space. 

This is in addition to all of the amenities everyone at NWC enjoys, from speedy internet to printing/faxing/copying/scanning, free coffee, use of the open areas and soft seating, and of course the chance to hang out with some remarkable people every day.

Pricing varies by the number of members on your team and their space needs. 


Locating your company in our space is a tremendous opportunity, as our previous teams have proven. 

If you’re interested and would like to come by to take a look, contact us! We’re looking forward to getting to know you and your fine partners and friends.


info at nwc.co / (212) 226-1585

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