Mind Your Business - Get your company’s taxes in order now!

[Update: This course has been postponed so that it may be added to a larger educational effort in the near future! Stay tuned here for details.]

Taxes. Few words so consistently strike fear and confusion into the hearts of so many business owners.

It’s March, and if you’re like many others out there, you’re not looking forward to April. With a little extra education and preparation, however, getting yourself and your business through tax season can be relatively painless, and can even save you a bunch of money.

Join us for a quick but comprehensive run-through of everything you need to know to ensure you’re tax compliant and keeping your taxes as low as possible. We’ll be meeting two consecutive Sunday evenings to go over everything together. 

Taxes aren’t awesome, but they get a lot easier when your’e well equipped to tackle them. Let’s do that together!

The Format

Each workshop should be a mixture of free-style discussion, Q&A and lab exercise. The workshops will begin with a general explanation and group discussion of the topics. A series of Q&A will follow and then the workshop would complete the actionable objective of the day.

WORKSHOP #1 : “Taxes and You”
Sunday, March 20th - 6:00pm - 8:00pm

  1. Annual Compliance 
    1. Personal Income Tax   
  2. Things Other than Income Tax 
    1. Sales and Use Tax 
    2. FICA (Social Security and Medicare)
    3. Self-Employment Tax 
    4. Franchise Tax 
    5. Annual Fees 
    6. NYC – Commercial Rent Tax 
    7. W-9 Information Return 
    8. W-2 Information Return 
    9. 1099 Information Return 

WORKSHOP #2 : “Tax Returns”
Sunday, March 27th - 6:00pm - 8:00pm

  1. Annual Compliance
    1. Corporate Income Tax Return
    2. Partnership Tax Return
    3. Sales Tax Returns
    4. Unemployment Tax Returns  
  2. Quarterly Compliance
    1. Quarterly Sales Tax Returns 
    2. Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments 
    3. Quarterly Employment Tax Returns 
    4. Quarterly Unemployment Tax Returns

About the Instructor

Cameron Keng is a tax accountant with prior experience in major accounting firms such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers, KPMG and EisnerAmper. He specializes in industries such as real estate, technology and financial institutions. He provides consulting services for businesses of various sizes.

What do you say? Time to get yourself equipped to defeat taxes once and for all?

Yes! I am ready to vanquish my taxes! »

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