Our new WAMMs (Welcome Aboard Member Meetings) are awesome. Join for the next one!


Last Friday, we hosted our first monthly Welcome Aboard Member Meetings. We packed our conference room with members new, longtime, and everything in between. We learned more about each other, why we joined, what we’re working on, what we need help with, and our favorite snack. (That last item will feed future Snackwars!)

We sent attendees an update which we’ve copied below for your enjoyment. If you’re interested in joining our community, join before Friday, August 1 so you can come to our next WAMM!

Update: We are now running WAMMs on the first Friday of every month, so when you join as a member make sure to mark your calendar for it!

Hi everyone! If you’re getting this email, then you’re one of the fine folks who attended one of our brand new WAMMs last Friday. Thanks for joining our new thing! Below are a few takeaways and some general ideas as to how we can use resources we have at our disposal to address them. Hit me with your thoughts!

A few takeaways and open questions:
  • A lot of us want to be making space for writing in one form or another. I wonder how we can support each other in creating healthy space for us to write using the tools we have at our disposal; see some more on our tools below and let me know if you have any thoughts! 

  • A lot of us use or want to use WordPress. Some of us need help. Is there an opportunity for us to organize a Work Sprint (see below) around working on our WordPress sites? Or an opportunity for an expert among us to offer up our help to others? 

  • Biz Dev is another thing that’s on a lot of our minds. It’s no surprise: who doesn’t need some new business? Some of us enjoy the sales process a lot more than others. How can we help each other make the process of getting new business less painful?

  • Accountability and goal-setting is a common need. We’ve developed a system, called Cotivation, that gives people a way to gather weekly to set goals and share accountability. Reply to this email if you’d like us to help you get a new accountability group going!

  • There is tremendous diversity in snack taste. Some members have already brought in snacks to be pitted against one another in an epic Snackwar battle; email Email Leo to coordinate (or wait for him to find you, because he will)! Also, Snackwar is on Twitter!
Handy tools we can use:
  • Contact members & alums through the Google Group: If you’re not on it yet, get on it! If you’re looking for work, clients, or new hires, if you need advice, or if you’ve left some tasty leftovers on the kitchen counter, post it to the group. With over 400 current and former members, there’s a really good chance that someone has the answer to your question.

  • Create a profile and browse those of other members. Our member profile directory is a handy place to learn more about your fellow members. Check it out and make sure you add yourself to it!

  • Attend (or present) at the next Show & Tell. The next one is this Monday, July 21. See details & RSVP here! If you’re working on something and want feedback from fellow members, or if you just want to sharpen your public speaking skills, this is a great opportunity for both. Email Veronica if you’re interested in presenting!

  • Work Sprints are super handy constructs we use for focused work sessions. The idea is for a small group of people to get together, talk about what they’re working on, and then undertake coordinated blocks of focused work time. This has proven to be super handy for people to get and stay focused, using their peers to keep them in line. If you’re interested in helping start a work sprint, let us know and we’ll help you get it set up!

  • Our Meetup Group, Coworking Community NYC, is an 1,800+ member group that several NWC members and I use to organize coworking events around (and sometimes outside of) the city. Join the group and tag along for a future outing, or hit me up if you’re interested in organizing!

  • Our event space at New Work City is a tremendous resource if you’re looking to host a gathering. If you’re interested, fill out our event application at http://nwc.co/eventapp and contact Veronica with any questions!
  • The next WAMM is Friday, August 1. You’re more than welcome to join for future WAMMs. If you plan to join, reply to this email and let us know!

  • Keep in mind that NWC is yours. By joining as a member, you are playing a role in defining our culture going forward. We’ve evolved a lot over the past six years, but the thing that’s kept us special has always been the great people who choose to support each other through this community. 
I’m always working on ideas for new ways to foster interdependent networks through coworking communities. If you’re interested in brainstorming with me or are just interested in hearing more of my thoughts, email me or check out my blog. I’m frequently not at NWC, but I’m always here for you if you need and happy to set up a meeting in the space. Hit me up!
ALSO: Big huge special thanks to Sarah for hustling to get all of us together Friday. It can be really hard to get busy coworkers into a room at the same time, so it was no small feat for her to corral us as well as she did. Give her high-fives and hugs if you’re so inclined!
Tony Bacigalupo
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Travel plans: In NYC now through 8/1 // Boulder 8/2-11 // NYC 8/12-late August sometime
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