Cowork with fellow changemakers every Wednesday at NWC!

As more and more people start working for themselves, the need for new kinds of coworking communities continues to grow. These communities help to form interdependent support systems that make it possible for people to be in charge of their work-lives without feeling like they’re on their own.

After being in the business of developing coworking communities (mostly our own) for over seven years now, we see an opportunity to offer up our experience, our space, and our community to support the development of new communities that want to help.

Our first such foray is in partnership with NWC member and longtime collaborator Nate Heasley, who runs Goodnik, on a special coworking session for people working in the world of social impact. See his post below!

Social Impact Coworking & Barnraising - Wednesdays at NWC 

Are you starting a social impact org? Or have you been running one out of your living room and now you need to get out of the house every once-in-a-while? We’ve got the perfect solution. New Work City and Goodnik are partnering to host a recurring ad-hoc coworking session every Wednesday from 9:30am-6pm. Starting August 13th, New Work City will open a section of their space for goodniks to get together, work on their own projects, and get to know each other.

As part of the jam, we’ll also be gathering for a lunch-time “barnraising” session, in which we can each talk about what we’re working on, what we need help with, and even present larger problems to the group. If you can’t make it for the all-day coworking session, you could join just for this lunchtime gathering and still have a chance to connect with everyone else.

While we introduce this experiment, the price for the event is “pay what you think it’s worth.” After running it for a month or two, we will institute some sort of fee or membership requirement, but that has yet to be determined. Until then, join us in gathering social entrepreneurs, nonprofits and other impact projects for a regular jam session and barnraising.

Full event detials and RSVP:

Note that you must be a member of Goodnik OCS to attend, and the program is selective.

Interested? Contact nate [at]!


If you’re interested in organizing something similar, email tony [at]! 

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